Mobility concept for Frascatiplatz in Hamburg-Bergedorf



A catalog of measures was developed to make the mobility options at Frascatiplatz more sustainable and to improve the quality of stay. Bergedorf's Frascatiplatz is an open space of great importance for urban Bergedorf Southeast as well as for Bergedorf's city center. Thanks to its good accessibility for motorized private transport, Frascatiplatz serves as a large and popular free parking lot. However, a wide variety of events often take place on the partially sealed area.

Project steps

  1. Survey of current and potential users of Frascatiplatz (on-site and online) 
  2. Parking space survey
  3. Workshop on possible measures with administration and politics 
  4. Development of a catalog of measures including CO2 savings and timeline


The mobility concept pursues the goal of ensuring that Frascatiplatz lives up to its significance as a sustainable "mobility hub" in the future and that the quality and attractiveness of the square in its versatile use is increased.


We developed a catalog of measures. For each measure, the short-, medium- and long-term measures to be taken were presented, as well as the resulting CO2 reductions and the effect on safety and quality of stay. The measures were also put into context with other plans and strategies in the region.

Client: climate protection department of the district of Hamburg-Bergedorf
Year: 2022

We work on this project together with Fair spaces and Cities for Future

Photo by: Cities for Future.