Bicycle plan Stadt Arnsberg, Hochsauerland (Germany)



The city of Arnsberg (Hochsauerland, Germany) has big ambitions when it comes to achieving climate goals. To turn that ambitions into actions, their mobility masterplan (SUMP) focuses on stimulating bicycle use, especially for children going to school. Next step? A bicycleplan we work on together with Fair spaces, TRC and Arnsberg.

Stimulating bicycle use

Germany as a whole country has big ambitions when it comes to climate adaptivity. So does Arnsberg, a city of approximatly 75.000 inhabitants in the Hochsauerlandkreis in North Rhine-Westphalia. Important part of their SUMP is stimulating bicycle use, especially for children. That means more cycling among children and fewer children being brought to school by car. 


Since the city considers it important for residents to have a say in the cycling plan, the first step was a large public survey using Maptionnaire. This lead to 300 reactions, varying from good and bad examples of traffic situations in Arnsberg, lighting and unsafe crossroads.

Based on the existing cycling facilities, opportunities for additional cyclists (school routes) and residents' ideas, a quality boost to the cycling network and bicycle parking facilities is planned. We will work on this together with TRC and Fair Spaces.

arnsberg maptionaire.png

Client: City of Arnsberg
Year: 2022 - 2023

We work on this project together with Fair spaces and TRC