Düzce Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan


Duzce SUMP

Goudappel, as part of a consortium led by Sistem Global, has been commisioned by the Ministry of Transport in Türkiye with a SUMP fort he city of Düzce. Goudappel will have primarily a supervision role by providing a key expert.

About SUMP

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is a strategic plan for enhancing sustainable mobility, in accordance with EU guidelines. The EU SUMP guidelines have been adopted by the Turkish Ministry of Transport.

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Ambitions of Düzce

Düzce is a rapidly growing city with almost 300.000 inhabitants halfway between Istanbul and Ankara. With over 26.000 students, it is the youngest city of Türkiye. By drafting the SUMP, Düzce aims to adress urban transport issues while achieving local and higher-level environmental, social and economic goals. The Düzce SUMP will:

  • Improve public transport systems
  • Improve cycling and walking infrastructure
  • Increase traffic safety
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Increase accessibility
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Promote sustainable urban mobility

The focus will be on people and meeting their mobility needs in a sustainable manner. This SUMP includes all modes and forms of transport.

In this project, Goudappel collaborates in a consortium including Sistem Global, LuxMobility, WRI Türkiye and Palye Teknoloji. The Düzce SUMP is expected to be completed before the summer of 2025.

Client: Ministry of Transport Türkiye and Düzce Municipality
Year: 2023 ongoing

Learn more about SUMP

A SUMP is an integrated plan for sustainably improving mobility in a city or region, in order for mobility to contribute to the liveability of the area.

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