Bas Govers

Bas Govers

senior urban mobility consultant

To put it simply, I pursue high-quality mobility solutions that bring together the interests of multiple actors.

For me, that means solutions that create optimal conditions for dynamic spatial-economic development, for high-quality public space, and for a pleasant living environment. That involves both urban mobility plans and plans for the public transport structure in metropolitan areas. I’ve had the opportunity to create integrated mobility plans that have had a major impact in cities such as Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Zaanstad, and Enschede. 

My role in a team can be described with terms like enthusiasm, expertise, analysis, creativity, and the ability to create cohesion. Working together in a creative and fruitful process, resulting in a good administrative decision – that’s what gets me enthusiastic.  In the course of my career, I’ve focused increasingly not only on content but also on the official and administrative process behind the decision-making, and the need for proper information. Because of my experience with integrated planning processes, designing and structuring those processes has become one of my core strengths. I therefore like to help clients to organise their integrated and interactive planning and policy process. 

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