Traffic and mobility plans


Connecting, that is what a planning process should be, with solid content. Goudappel is market leader for mobility-related planning and design processes for provinces, regions, water boards, project developers and municipalities. This is always tailor-made, with couleur locale and the approach and form that is effective in your situation. Together, we provide plans with vision and the power to execute them.

Long-term plans and responding to today's needs

In our plans, we combine the policy fields of economy, traffic and transport, spatial planning and the environment. Mobility is an integral and not a sectoral issue, but it always serves broader social goals. It's all about actuality in a sustainable policy framework or strategy. We have found an answer to the paradox of long-term planning and the ability to respond to today's developments. This applies to both policy-initiated projects and urgent traffic-related issues within your municipality, region, neighbourhood or building plan. Form follows function, because the right content must also 'land'.

Local individuality and regional integration

Every area has its own unique qualities and challenges. We want to retain this uniqueness in our advice, and preferably strengthen it even more. Our advisers have a regional overview: spatially, demographically and administratively. That is a great advantage that we have as market leader. The choice for Goudappel means access to a treasure trove of regional, also historical, reference knowledge. We have been trained quickly and know where there are extra points of attention. This way we achieve more results within budget.

The mobility transition

The Netherlands is facing a mobility transition, precisely because of the desire to focus on broad social goals and innovations in the world of traffic and transport. This is therefore the most important theme in our advice on traffic and mobility plans. How can we steer towards more use of active mobility, less car use, and thus ultimately ensure a sustainable, healthy and safe living environment for everyone? As knowledge leader in mobility, we have state-of-the-art knowledge to address all major (social) issues of the moment. Think of the new 30, traffic safety, electric vehicles, partial mobility, but also a current theme such as social inclusiveness.

Tackling mobility inequality

Ensuring a better distribution of mobility in a specific area with an understanding of, and solutions to, mobility inequalities.

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Building bridges

Housing plans simply cannot be realised without appropriate mobility solutions. This requires an integrated view from two 'worlds'. Recently, these two worlds have increasingly been brought together. This often works well, but sometimes it is unclear who is responsible for what, and how both 'worlds' can reinforce each other. In our advice, we build bridges: between policy fields, between policy, projects and management, between municipality and region, and between government and citizen. We see the planning process as an excellent opportunity to interact and to arrive at common insights and end goals together.

Flexible use of the right specialisms

Goudappel offers the right expertise at the right time. At the start of a planning process it is not always clear exactly which external expertise will be needed. With our breadth, depth and scope, we are able to switch quickly between colleagues like no other, without the overhead and delay of an additional tender.

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