Strategic mobility issues

Strategische mobiliteitsvraagstukken

When mobility issues such as congestion bottlenecks arise, the first reflex is to quickly find a practical solution: we add an extra lane or traffic lights. But building or adapting infrastructure is expensive, and it is paid for with public money. Moreover, roads, cycle paths, rails, tunnels and bridges last a long time. It is therefore important to make the right decisions at the front end, with a view to the longer term. Not just doing things right, but doing the right things first. And we do this together with you.

Working together on the basis of shared interests

First of all, our advisors enter into a dialogue with the client and stakeholders: who has what interests? We then look for commonality in these interests. This forms the basis for joint action perspectives. In other words: where the parties can find each other in shared interests, positive energy to act together is created.

Asking the right questions for the complete picture

Our advisors work from the bigger picture. To this end, we also delve into the figures. What is the underlying cause of a mobility issue? In the case of congestion issues, for example, it is necessary to investigate which target groups are actually affected. Is there perhaps through traffic that you don't even want at this location?

Integral solutions increase support

In developing solutions, we approach mobility as part of broad welfare. In other words, traffic interventions should always serve multiple purposes at the same time. We strive for a more sustainable, healthier and safer living environment for everyone. That way, we know we are doing the right things. An additional advantage is that stakeholders who are further removed from the mobility issue will also see the benefit of proposed measures. After all, we show that a measure serves multiple purposes. This increases public support and creates more opportunities to co-finance measures.

Achieve a better future with system dynamics

Get a hold of long-term mobility policy and stay on course towards realising a vision of the future through systems thinking.

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