SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans) Training and Capacity Building in EU countries


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By 2026, having a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is expected to be a requirement for 424 European cities classified as an urban node on the TEN-T network. To enhance the expertise of urban mobility planners with SUMP knowledge the EU started a support program for cities and national governments. Goudappel, - as part of a consortium led by TRT, has been commissioned by the EIB/Jaspers to implement this program for SUMP Training and Capacity Building in multiple EU countries.

About SUMP

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is a strategic plan  in accordance with EU guidelines. Important aspects of a SUMP are monitoring and evaluation of progress towards sustainability goals.

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About the project

In collaboration with TRT, DTV Consultants, TREDIT, TIS, Stratec en Eurocities, we host more than 20 training sessions and workshops in the next 2 years.  Subjects covered during these sessions include:

  • City oriented SUMP training: including SUMP methodology, strategic planning,  organizational aspects, climate change, environmental considerations, stakeholder engagement, communication and promotion, demand analysis, spatial planning, freight and lofistics, innovation, traffic safety, and social inclusion.
  • National SUMP Support Programmes (NSSP): NSSP concepts, EC guidance, guest speakers, Q&A sessions, systemic barriers, national legislations, SUMP financial support, SUMP platforms, SUMP guidance, and monitoring and evaluation at the national level

The SUMP training sessions and NSSP workshops will be delivered by 4 key experts, including Goudappel’s Christiaan Kwantes. They will be supported by a pool of other experts.

Strenghten SUMP implementation and governance

The primary goal of this project is to improve the technical and policy expertise of urban transport planners regarding SUMPs and by doing so facilitate the SUMP implementation at a city and  regional level. This will consequently strengthen SUMP implementation and governance across Europe.

Client: European Investment Bank (EIB)
Year: 2023 – ongoing

Learn more about SUMP

A SUMP is an integrated plan for sustainably improving mobility in a city or region, in order for mobility to contribute to the liveability of the area.

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