Making the Netherlands better and more beautiful means thinking about how mobility choices can make the best possible contribution to cities and regions that are sustainable, healthy, social, and economically dynamic.

Within Goudappel, the future spatial development of the Netherlands has my full attention. Building or transforming infrastructure is a long-term process. It requires thinking ahead – sometimes over several decades – to decide what we want to achieve. That’s why I sometimes call myself a mobility strategist. 

Advising on future mobility also means thinking about social and technological trends, such as the climate adaptability of public space, improving overall quality of life, and ensuring safe involvement in traffic for vulnerable people. It’s about the role of new modes of transport and shared mobility. And last but not least, it’s about how we can meet the demand for urbanisation in a sustainable manner. 

At Goudappel, I specialise in mobility issues of an urban and spatial character: translating strategic and environmental policy plans into mobility plans, inner-city transformation challenges, and long-term mobility strategies around new infrastructure. 

The bigger picture always means working together as a team. I therefore work closely with my colleagues, who include experts in the fields of traffic design and forecasting, landscape and greenery, architecture, spatial economics, and administrative processes. That way, we can offer clients action perspectives towards a future in which everyone participates. 

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