We are constantly developing our knowledge of themes that play a role in mobility. In this way, we help you to lead the way with your mobility policy. Take a look at the various themes that we are currently working on.


Walking is not a new form of mobility, it is the most common way of getting from A to B or making a stroll. Pedestrians play an important role in our cities and towns: those who move around on foot contribute to an attractive and social city for all.

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Smart mobility

The world of mobility is in a state of flux: technology is having an increasing impact on our society. The ever-increasing computing power of computers and ever-faster mobile internet are creating a society in which 'everything' is connected. This also affects how we move around. New modes of transport, new transport services and other ways of managing traffic are being developed. People's behaviour is also changing. What does this mean for the accessibility of our cities and towns?

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Smart mobility