Seminar 'Accessibility and Connectivity of the 15-minute city': Bas Govers and Lennert Bonnier share our vision



On October 11th Bas Govers and Lennert Bonnier (both urban mobility consultant at Goudappel) joined the seminar 'Accessibility and Connectivity of the 15-minute City', organized by ACUTE/UERA in Antwerpen. The day was dedicated to mutual learning, robust discussions, and the exploration of outcomes and predictions of the future. Bas and Lennert presented their vision on the 15-minute city: “Three dimensions of creating people-oriented neighbourhoods”.

Three dimensions of a 15-minute city

  1. Clustering of (new) functions: the ‘living heart’ of the neighbourhood.

  2. Redressing the car network: creating urban living areas and superblocks.

  3. Connecting and improving routes for active modes

Read more about the three dimensions and their presentation on the website of the Dutch Cycling Embassy.