Design and public space

We want to make our towns and villages healthier and greener. But how do we make more room for pedestrians, cyclists, meeting and staying? How do we make our public spaces more climate adaptive, sustainable and future-proof? And where will we find room for all the other traffic functions we want in the city? In short, how do we achieve an integrated consideration of all these ambitions and how do we make them visible on the street?


From wall to wall

The quality and design of public space have a major influence on our health, economic vitality, our perception, our behaviour and our mobility choices. In this respect, we see traffic expressly as part of the total public space. We don't look from band to band, but from wall to wall. We have an eye for all the broad ambitions and ensure the right balance.

Be inspired and have a look at our project overview ''MAKING SPACE for everyone'' below (in Dutch).

A suitable and supported design

Together with our clients, we work on a public space that contributes to a healthy, green and accessible living environment for everyone. Our team consists of traffic experts, designers, landscape architects and urban planners. Together, we come up with integral visions, plans and designs. We do this at all scale levels: from strategy to street and from concept to concrete. In this, we work together with our clients, residents, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Only in this way can we arrive at a suitable and supported design for every location. We design cities and villages that are ready for the challenges of today, but also for the transitions of the future.

Virtual reality

Het gebruik van animatie en Virtual Reality bij ontwerpvraagstukken

Een passend en door alle stakeholders gedragen ontwerp voor iedere plek. Dat is het belangrijkste doel van onze ontwerpers, landschapsarchitecten en stedenbouwkundigen. Om dat doel te bereiken, gebruiken we naast ‘standaard’-ontwerpsoftware ook steeds vaker nieuwe technologieën zoals animatie en Virtual Reality (VR).

Lees meer over het gebruik van animatie en Virtual Reality

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