Bicycle connection to the Überseestadt in Bremen: Feasibility, location and potential analysis and bicycle parking


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On the one hand, route options and routes were investigated with regard to a direct connection of Überseestadt to the station suburb and Bremen's main station as well as the existing bicycle network in Überseestadt. On the other hand, a location analysis for bicycle parking was used to determine where there is already a need for bicycle parking facilities in the Bahnhofsvorstadt and Überseestadt at the present time and where demand can be expected in the future. The routes were evaluated using a specially developed evaluation scheme based on criteria from bicycle networks in the Netherlands and the results of an internal workshop to discuss the goals.

Project steps

  1. Inventory analysis 
  2. Target conception and development of new routes and/or optimization of existing routes
  3. Evaluation of routes according to a collaboratively developed methodology based on the Dutch Cycling Principles
  4. Design of routes and cost estimates
  5. Development of use-centered offers for bicycle parking


To develop the Überseestadt in a way that is compatible with traffic, to make it efficient, and to make the connections and routes within the study area attractive for bicycle traffic.


As a result, three possible routes each to reach the south, center, and north of Überseestadt, as well as seven possible route options through the Bahnhofsvorstadt, were outlined and evaluated. For each section to reach Überseestadt, one route was prioritized. Furthermore there were three prioritizations for the guidance in Überseestadt. Subsequently, necessary designs of the routes were outlined and a cost estimate was developed. Finally, a recommendation for bicycle parking in the Überseestadt as well as along the routes was given.

Client: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH
Year: 2021

We work on this project together with Fair spaces and SKUMS in Bremen